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Orlando employee handbook? Well, maybe we just got your attention.  Because whether you are doing business in Orlando, FL, or elsewhere in the United States, having a current employee handbook is a critical business imperative  in today’s highly competetive economy. Sure, we know, employee handbooks are often downloaded from various sources, cut and pasted together with the company logo affixed on the cover.  Then, the “new” handbook is handed out out at the next employee meeting as employees sign the receipt page and hand it to HR who then files the receipts in personnel files only to be pulled out in the event there is a performance issue or claim later on.  Handbook distributed, mission accomplished, right?

As Orlando Human Resources consultants we prefer to think of the Orlando employee handbook–or any employee handbook–as the most basic working document in the workplace.  Think of it as the Consitution and Bill of Rights of the workplace. It states how the workplace will operate, the rights and responsibilities of each member of the team, the common mission and values of the organization and the checks and balances which allow maximun workplace freedoms while respecting the views and diversity of others.  In short, the employee handbook can and–should be–a well-reasoned, well-written document that inspires each member of the team to achieve their maximum career potential as a key member of an evolving, growing and winning team.

As we work with our client partners, we find reviewing the current employee handbook one of the most logical activity points in the relationship. For once we understand where our client would like to go, drafting the new employee handbook becomes a highly rewarding experience as we mutually develop the roadmap to winning.   




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