Why Knowing the Rules Matters: ADA Claims Hit New Record

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As strategic Orlando Human Resources business consultants, we have long asserted that knowing the rules of the game is critical to success on or off the playing field.  And, in our most recent Blog posting of August 8, “Back to the Basics,” we urged our readers to take dedicated time to audit  their current HR practices to ensure that the “HR House” was in good working order.  Such an audit can save considerable time and expense by understanding and managing potential employment risks before the iceberg hits.

We now see the new report on the record number of EEOC charges filed by employees against employers in 2009 under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”)–approximately 21,500!  That, friends, is a ton of charges. The recession and the recent liberalizing amendments to the ADA are the apparent causes for the increase in this legal activity against employers.  Whether the employer is actually in violation of the law or not, even the most baseless claim can cost significant  dollars and lost productivity.  That’s why knowing the rules is key to the success of emerging business organizations.

Again, we recommend the HR audit as a means to getting on the winning track!

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