Heading for Home: Rewarding “Michael Jordan”

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Halloween?  Done.

World Series?  Over.

Mid-term elections?  History.

Yet for most businesses, now is the time to dig in on the details that can make all the difference between a so-so 4th quarter and closing the calendar year with a “bang.”  In best practices companies the “people-side” of the enterprise also becomes sharply focused: performance reviews, compensation adjustments, commission and incentive payouts and 2011 goal-setting are often key issues as companies are rounding the turn and heading for home.

As strategic Orlando Human Resources consultants and business partners, we are often asked about winning compensation strategies that reward top performers and move the team forward. We have many thoughts as to what goes into a well designed compensation strategy. In short, we recommend rewarding performance based upon merit. If a company’s top scoring “Michael Jordan” get a 5%  increase, the “bench warmers” will be earning something less.  This approach can work well so long as everyone has a copy of the playbook and understands the rules of the game.  Right, coach?

Rick and Christina

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