Resume Tips for the New 2012 Graduates

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Here are a few resume tips for the new 2012 high school and college grads (and everyone else checking out the job market!):

1.  Keep it short, one page if at all possible. The resume is just a personal ad that you want to generate phone calls or emails from recruiters.

2.  Highlight your “core competencies” at the top of the page, such as leadership skills, ability to focus on detail, problem-solving skills,  written communication skills, workplace flexibility, etc.

3.  Regarding prior experience, give a brief statement of costs contained, sales improved, customers satisfied, etc.

4.  Degrees and honors are good, but make sure it’s all true. No need to state the year(s) such degrees or honors were earned as dates go to the issue of age which is protected under various anti-discrimination laws.  

5.  Advise that you have good references but there is no need to list them on the resume. In the event you get a call from a recruiter, you can give your references after you have discussed why your prior experience qualifies you for the job.

6.  Use a short (one page) cover letter to discuss your employment goals and why you would be a great hire for the lucky employer!

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