Winning Work Teams back from National SHRM Conference

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Per our previous posting, we found this year’s National SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Conference in Atlanta worthy of the time.

The HR field is moving quickly.  Advances in technology have a myriad of applications across HR World from identifying talent to data storage to online training and employee feedback systems. Globalization and social media are increasingly shrinking oceans and bringing together new concepts and best practices.

As strategic Orlando, Florida, Human Resources consultants and business advisors we strive to share our thoughts with the interested Central Florida community.  And, as we stated earlier, this is one of the key conferences HR professionals really do need to put on their calendars if simply for the networking opportunities. 

 However, we believe there is much more to be gained by also attending key informational sessions on the “hot” HR topics. As a whole, the presenters are quite good and content experts.  Do you need to attend every year? Probably not. But make it a point to attend often to stay ahead of the curve.


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