How We Work

As experienced organizational consultants, Winning Work Teams partners closely with our client’s executive team to quickly identify the risks and barriers to organizational success and then designs targeted, systems-based strategies for both short and long-term solutions aligned with the culture in order to improve team performance to meet, or exceed, the business goals of the organization.

We are good partners because we are good listeners. Our consultants provide responsive and innovative solutions through creative thinking. Before we begin our improvement action plan, we carefully calibrate it with the executive team. Then, we check in on a regular basis with our client to ensure progress and schedule.

We also provide metrics to measure results as we collaboratively move the organization forward to reach the defined goals.

Our engagement fees are structured on a project or retainer basis.


As Human Resources experts we actively share our knowledge to keep our clients current on a wide variety of critical employment topics to assist them in improving their organizations. Therefore, we are active in publishing on topical employment issues.

The following is a listing of our recent publications:

  • “Staff and Deliver” – interview with Rick Larson in Central Florida Doctor Magazine (September 2010).
  • “Disciplining Your Employees” – interview with Rick Larson in Central Florida Doctor Magazine ( June 2010).
  • “What Are Educational Assistance Programs Really Worth?” – Human Resources 2009: Answers to the Top 25 Questions in 2009 (Winter Edition 2009).
  • “The Strategic Performance Review: A Shield to Litigation Claims” – Human Resources 2007: Answers to the Top 25 Questions in 2007 (Summer Edition 2007).
  • “Workplace Privacy: Life on Stage” – Privacy & Data Law Journal (December 2006).