Rick Larson to Present National Diversity Council Webinar

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I have been honored by the National Diversity Council  to present a webinar entitled, “Recruiting Screens: Do We Really Hire the Best?”

One of  the many challenges today’s job seekers often encounter are digital and other prehire screening tools designed to select candidates who will be allowed to proceed with the interview process.  Yet, highly qualified candidates often complain that they cannot successfully navigate the system to get to a face-to-face interview with a hiring manager.

Why is it that workers with established career tracks are suddenly “overqualified?” What happens when talent collides with “right fit?”

This discussion will examine many current hiring practices and how stereotype bias may be a silent partner in the  candidate selection process. The discussion will also share perspective as to how the hiring model may be improved to be more inclusive in its approach to quality candidates.

This webinar will be presented on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 from noon to 1:00 pm, EST.

Please see the National Diversity Council web site for further details.

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