Winning Work Teams to Present Discussion on HR Planning for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses: See You at the Coffee Club!

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As  strategic Orlando Human Resources consultants, we are often asked: “Just what  is this HR stuff and why does it even matter?  We’re a small business and we don’t think it applies to us.”

And our response? “Would you attempt to build a business without a financial plan? Or a marketing plan? Or a sales plan?”  Probably not.

Likewise, having a solid Human Resources Plan is critical to laying the strategic foundation for the success of any business venture.  After all, what else is an organization if not the people who work it and, hopefully, grow it.

Come join us on August 5 when we share our thoughts on 10 of the key elements to a successful Human Resources Plan and the timing of critical milestones when growing from one to 100 employees.

Christina and Rick

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