Older Workers Collect on Vegas Age Discrimination Suit

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The EEOC has announced the settlement of an age discrimination suit which alleged that older workers had been terminated and denied job transfer opportunities in favor of younger workers on the basis of age. The settlement calls for Republic Services, Inc. and its subsidiary Republic Silver State Disposal, Inc., to pay nearly $3 million to some 20 older workers who alleged they were discriminated against because of their age.

The EEOC took up the cause and originally filed suit against the waste collection group  in 2004 contending older workers were terminated and replaced by younger workers who were then held to lower standards of performance.  The older workers had worked in Southern Nevada as garbage collectors, supervisors and drivers.

Along with the settlement payout is a three-year consent decree during which the EEOC will monitor the employers’  employment practices.

What’s the lesson in all this? 

Management training and awareness on workplace discrimination issues is a key component to success in today’s employment environment.  Even in Vegas, understanding the rules can give players the winning hand.

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