Broadway Joe on Winning

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So I’m driving this morning in to work and I’m listening to ESPN Radio when on comes Joe Namath to share his thoughts on this Sunday’s Super Bowl game with the Packers and Steelers (he’s picking the Packers).

When asked about the historic Super Bowl III win in 1969 when he led the Jets to victory over the Baltimore Colts, stunning the football world and the pundits, Joe spoke of the strengths of that team and what it took to win.  And, how great it felt: “Riding a winner–it’s joyful!”  We couldn’t agree more.  

That’s why as strategic Orlando Human Resurces consultants we talk about winning with our clients. It sets the tone and defines the expectations and lays the predicate for a positive, can-do culture.

“Riding a winner–it’s joyful!”  Well said, Joe. Well said.


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