New Businesses at 15 Year High

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Tired of looking and can’t get hired, then start your own business.

That’s what we’re now seeing people do in record numbers as the U.S. is experiencing the highest new business start up rate in 15 years. This per the latest Kauffman Foundation report released on Monday.  However, the the start up activity does not necessairly mean the new businesses will launch a hiring binge any time soon.  Often, the new business owner is self employed and hoping for an upside not possible standing in the unemployment line.  And immigrants are far more likely to start their own business than are persons born in the U.S.  

As Orlando strategic Human Resources consultants and business partners, we applaud this spirit of entrepreneurship.  Sure, there will be lots of strikeouts along the way. Yet there will be plenty of  home runs, too, with a new generation of winners crossing home plate!   


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