Winning Resume Practices

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As Orlando strategic Human Resources consultants, we’ve reviewed thousands of resumes through the years from job seekers. Here are some tips for preparing an effective resume:

1.  Keep it short.  One page of highlights is better than four pages of details.

2.  Keep it honest.  Don’t claim work experiences, awards and educational certificates and degrees that cannot be verified.

3.  Keep it to the point.  Better to state you want to be a cook than to state you want a career in the culinary field.

4.  Keep it current.  Companies want to know about current skill sets and accomplishments.

5.  Keep it away from compensation.  If the company wants you,  the recruiter will open the conversation regarding the rate of pay.

Remember,  the resume is simply a means to attract attention to gain an interview. Then, you have to sell yourself.

Good luck!


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