Wal-Mart’s Big Win

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As our readers know, we’ve been paying close attention to the mega gender discrimination case female workers brought against Wal-Mart for alleged bias regarding pay and promotions of women.

Some 1.5 million past and present women employees had brought the class action suit against Wal-Mart. The women had been successful in the lower courts saying a class action suit was the only way to get their day in court on the issue of workplace discrimination.  However, Wal-Mart had argued before the U.S. Supremet Court in March of  this year that the lawsuit was too large and too difficult to defend given the number of women in the class.   Today the Supreme Court agreed. Now the employees will have to rethink their strategy. 

As Orlando strategic Human Resources consultants and business advisors, we wanted to get this one out to you right away.


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