Dow up, Dow down: Keep your Eye on the Ball

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OK….So here we go again.

As our feckless “leaders”  in Washington, D.C., continue to point fingers at one another and the stock market cannot decide whether up is down or down is up, take a deep breath.

Don’t expect a “solution” anytime soon from our dysfunctional  political class. We all know the issues: too much debt, lack of consumer demand, lousy housing market and chronic job insecurity.  Don’t need a Harvard MBA to figure this one out.

What can our clients do–the small to mid-sized businesses throughout Central Florida do?  Bet on yourselves….This too shall pass….Focus on your customers–talk to  your customers. Listen to your employees.  These people will tell you all you need to know.

When the clouds part–and they will–your company will be poised to grow.

As strategic  Orlando Human Resources consultants and business advisors, we don’t keep what we know a secret….We’re all in this together and we want all of us to do better.

Maintain your core values.

Keep your eye on the ball.


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