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So here we are again…Some guy written off by the “experts” as too (small, untested, pick an adjective) whatever to make it in the NBA. Trade him, dump him, but for heaven’s sake don’t play him!  Don’t give him the  ball! Don’t’ let him play point guard! Are you crazy?

And now the undrafted second-year pro from Harvard–Harvard!–is lighting up the sports world. And the New York Nicks were about to give Lin the boot out of the NBA when he got his chance. Now, the Nicks are hot and every cabbie in the Big Apple is talking Linsanity about the new sports darling.

Any player who makes it to the NBA or NFL can play ball. But they need the opportunity to show their stuff.  As with Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin just needed a chance to get off the bench and into the game. And why is this story line such a shocker? These guys have been playing their game at a high level all their lives and winning!    

As strategic Orlando, Florida, Human Resources consultants we know there are more Jeremy Lins out there in work teams in every market sector. One of them may be gathering dust on your team’s bench. Give the guy a shot. You may be delighted at the results!


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