Interviewing Tips for the New College Grads

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OK….The big graduation day is over. The parties are memories. Family and friends have scattered back to their homes. Now, college loans to pay and the “Real World” with a not-so-hot job market is staring you in the face. Here are some of our Winning Work Teams’ interviewing tips:

1.  Dress for success. Look the part.

2.  Scout the interview location prior to the interview so you know exactly where you are going.

3.  Get to the interview location ahead of time. Showing up late is a losing proposition.    

4.  Bring an extra copy of your resume for the recruiter.

5.  Eye contact with the recruiter is key.

6.  Even though you have memorized your “elevator speech” as to why you are the best       candidate for the position, listen to the questions and give direct answers.

7.  Body language is key.  Sit up, act interested.

8.  When the recruiter is done with his/her questions it’s your time to ask for the job.  Give a       shortened version of your elevator speech and then conclude with words to the effect:  “In      summary, I believe that I am your ideal candiate to fill this position. I will do my best to exceed your expectations.  If offered this opportunity, I will definitely accept. Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet with you today!”

Ok, grads. It’s your turn!

Good luck!








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