FMLA 20 Years Old Today and Florida Case is Wake Up Call

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The Family and Medical Leave Act is 20 years old today, signed into law February 5, 1993 by President Clinton. The law was designed to present some degree of work-life balance for qualified employees needing time off to attend to their own health issues or care for those of relatives.

The law has been amended several times and the application of leave from work requires a case-by-case approach.  Training the management team is key to successful administration of the process. A recent case brought here in U.S.District Court for the Middle District of Florida (that’s us, folks!)  cost an employer approximately $1 million for failing to grant a key executive FMLA . That’s a lot of money that could have been put to better use to grow the business.  

As a strategic one-stop Florida Human Resources consulting firm serving clients throughout the Southeastern U.S., we cannot ring the training bell enough. 


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