EEOC Charges may be Headed for New Record

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As many of our clients are aware, 2009 was a record-setting year for EEOC filings against employers alleging workplace discrimination. In fact, more than 95,000 charges were filed by disgruntled employees  against employers across the U.S. Now, it appears a new record may be established.

Rick was recently advised by an EEOC official that filings “are running ahead of last year.”  He also shared that additional staff was being added in his office “to handle the additional workload.”

This bit of news should not come as a surpise to our clients given the stubbornly high unemployment rate and increased home mortgage foreclosures across the U.S.  Workplace discrimination claims seem to sprout from this tough economic landscape.

However, we continue to maintain that strategic management awareness training and positive two-way communication systems on problematic employment issues can go a long ways to prevent or manage otherwise costly and time consuming employment claims.


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