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As the economic difficulties continue in most market sectors, we are hearing from many employees–still on the job–stories of being taken for granted. The gist of it is that they sense, and sometimes hear, managers taking them for granted.

Of course there is a great danger here because all employees deserve respect and long to feel part of the team. Casual management remarks about “applicants lining up at the door,” and “‘if people don’t like it here, we won’t have any trouble replacing them,” are not only foolish, but costly.

True, employees will put up with a lot of grief for a paycheck in tough times. But, when the sun starts to shine again, the good ones will head for the door, often for a better job–and respect–offered by a competitor.   

Wise employers “double down” on the respect factor during tough times knowing full well the impact of a booming employment market. And, the market will turn. The test will be whether the key employees and top producers stay or leave, and winning teams don’t leave that to chance.


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