2010: Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

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As we turn the page on this past year of high unemployment, home mortgage foreclosures, booming budget deficits and continued armed conflict with our enemies, let’s take a minute to be thankful for the blessings we share and look forward to the new year with the confidence that has always been a hallmark of our American character.

We see positive signs: a stablized market, diminished unemployment claims, opportunities for small businesses, increased understanding for the need control our energy destiny….Have you seen some of the amazing new cars coming out of Detroit?  Yes, Detroit!  

Rather than taking a back seat and allowing the winds of change to engulf them, we believe companies can actively create their own pathway to winning in the year ahead by:  talking less and listening more (to their employees and their customers), building a culture of team (rather than silos of  individuals), sharing knowledge to increase skill sets (to grow careers and loyality), placing real value on ethical conduct whether in the boardroom or in the the mail room (that’s right–playing by the rules) and working to build organizational trust each and every day. 

Sure, this requires effort but so does old fashioned blocking and tackling.  Just watch:  The winner of this year’s Super Bowl will have coached and practiced the basics.

Keep your eye on the ball. In this new economy, the winners will be those who value the fundamentals and understand it takes a team effort to win the Super Bowl.

Our best wishes for 2010!

Rick and Christina

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