Why Legal Compliance Matters

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We are often asked by prospective clients for a good starting point to construct a top tier organization. Our response is simple: Begin the process by understanding the rules. For no matter what the game, those who do not understand the rules are destined for marginal results. That’s why we urge businesses to dedicate serious effort to understand the governing legal concepts in today’s workplace. Not only are the risks of non-compliance great in terms of potential financial loss and brand damage, but those who do not understand the rules pass on a critical conversation with respect to building a winning culture.  

As organizations begin to understand the concepts of  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Americans with Disabilities Act , The Family and Medical Leave Act and other key workplace statutes, discussion springs forth: “What kind of culture do we really want? “How are we going to relate to one another?”  “How will we resolve our differences?”  “What really matters to the organization as far as performance?”  “Do our compensation systems reward our values?” “What is the training component for our emerging leaders?” Once  questions such are these are on the table, there is a basis for moving forward on all the strategic best Human Resources practices necessary to lead the team to the next level.  That’s why we believe understanding the rules of the game is such a critical starting point for any team that is serious about winning.  

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