Orlando Employee Handbook, Part II

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No sooner was the ink dry on our Orlando Employee Handbook posting, when we caught the announcement naming the new Harvard Business School Dean carried in the May 5, 2010 copy of The Wall Street Journal.  Harvard’s new B-School Dean, Nitin Nohria, is described as a long-time champion of business ethics who promises to continue his focus on the need for ethical business behavior in his new appointment.

As Orlando Human Resources consultants, we applaud the fact that the venerated Harvard B-School will carry forward the critical importance of high ethical standards as a key component of our nation’s business culture.  Again, we return to the importance that the Orlando Employee Handbook–or other U.S.-based employee handbook–speak to the values of the organization. Knowing and playing by the rules is something both employees and shareholders expect.  

Congratulations, Harvard!


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