July 4, 1776

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Once again we celebrate the revolutionary vision of a few extraordinary individuals who reduced their thinking to a writing for all time: The Declaration of Independence.

It had not been an easy task, and it had taken years to move the group to consensus that it was now time to form a new nation.  Truly risking their lives and all they had, they each stepped up to sign the document which forever changed the course of  history.  Two days later, on July 4, The Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Continental Congress. 

As with all teams there had been differing points of view.  But at the historic moment, the vision was clear, the team was aligned and leadership was strong.  The pathway forward had been established.

Sure, there is work yet to be done, but hats off to Mr. Jefferson, et. al.  Thank you! What a team–Happy Birthday, U.S.A!  

Rick and Christina

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