LeBron’s Winning Work Team Dream

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So at the end of the day, it was all about the opportunity to be on a winning team. 

After much thought, LeBron James decided that the best  career decision for him was to sign with the the Miami Heat.  “It’s going to give me the best opportunity to win,” said James in making his long-awaited announcement on national TV.

No surprise here.  As we have often stated, people want to win at work, whether on the assembly line floor or on the basketball court. Great players want to play on winning work teams. “Winning is a huge thing for me,” stated the NBA superstar who left some $30 million on the table by not resigning with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

LeBron may not carry a lunch bucket to work or punch a time clock, but he knows what it takes to create a winning  work team and jumped at the opportunity to join it.   

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