Team Building 101: Mr. Smith and Mr. Redick

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As Orlando Human Resources consultants we couldn’t help but notice the Orlando Magic’s resigning of shooting guard J.J. Redick.  G.M. Otis Smith matched the Chicago Bull’s offer sheet to sign Redick to a $19 million three-year deal.

Redick has worked hard to improve his game since signing with the Magic in 2006.  But it was more than work ethic that caused the Magic to keep the former Duke standout. It  had to do with attitude:  “You can’t have enough guys on your roster…that losing actually bothers them,” said Smith.  “And he’s one of those guys who at their core are just winners, and you want to keep them around.”

We agree. Top teams seek winners, not whiners. Winning attitudes are infectious and set a positive tone for the rest of the team.

Whether building an NBA franchise or growing a small company, careful employee selection is critical to long term success.  Having a winning attitude is priceless in moving the team forward.  Look for that attitude in your job applicants.  It builds better teams.

Rick and Christina

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