Disney Pays Wage-Hour Claims

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As strategic Orlando Human Resources business consultants, we could not help but note the recent wage-hour activity at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts wherein the mega destination resort agreed to pay more than $400 thousand to resolve alledged pay violations with respect to hourly employees.  

The Mouse has a solid HR team and is legendary for its training programs. Why then, the glitch? 

The U.S.  Department of Labor stated that while Disney has firmly established pay rules, some supervisors were not always adhering to the policies sometimes allowing hourly employees to work through meal times without compensation or to work before or after scheduled shifts without being paid.

As we noted in our August 21 Blog posting, employment claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act  just hit a record level.   And now a top- tier company in our own backyard has just been hit with wage claims.   

To repeat ourselves, these are tough economic times. Keep your eye on the ball. Knowing the rules of the game and actively keeping on top of them is a critical component to developing a winning playbook.  These days even the best employers are under the microscope.


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