November Election Outlook

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As strategic Orlando Human Resources consultants, we’re getting asked whether a Republican sweep of Congress and the U.S. Senate in the upcoming November elections will have an impact upon the workplace.  Maybe, but we just don’t see any dramatic effect. The stock market may see a bit of an uptick, preferring “divided government” to one-party domination. Yet, it is hard to see how more gridlock will resolve the major issues of trade imbalance, overseas energy dependence, grinding war and the deficit.  While there may be some attempted tinkering with the new health care legislation, we see no major revisions due to the threat of presidential veto.

Our counsel is to keep your ear to the ground here at home: listen to your employees and customers. They’ll tell you what you need to know. Their vote of confidence has a direct impact upon your business.  

The economy is beginning to warm up. Wall St. and the “big boys” who dominate the corporate landscape are raking in mounds of cash. Your turn is coming.  Make certain that your team is positioned to experience the rewards and fun of winning!

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