McDonald’s Pays on EEOC Harassment Charge

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As Orlando strategic Human Resources consultants we advise our clients that there is no “time out” with respect to exposure to employment discrimination allegations.  Even the mega corporations having layers of  HR and legal staff sometimes get slammed.

Now McDonald’s USA, LLC will pay $50,000 to settle an EEOC suit alleging an assistant  manager at one of its New Jersey locations unlawfully subjected a teenage employee to sexual harassment by making suggestive comments and touching  him in a manner which made the young employee very uncomfortable.  The settlement also calls for posting EEOC posters in the restaurant, the training of managers and employees with respect to anti-discrimination laws and other remedial actions.

In our prior Blog posting we were clear how important having EPLI coverage is in today’s highly litigious work environment.  And, there is no substitute for legal compliance training before a discrimination charge  hits the bottom line. These days, it’s just good business.  

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