Best Wishes for the New Year

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So, here we are:  Good-bye to 2010.  What a year!  Shifting political winds, continued high U.S. unemployment, more debt, trade imbalances, more war….

Yet as we saw entering 2010, the U.S. economy showed hopeful signs:  Stabilization of the markets, some hiring activity and areas of  bright optimism  as exemplified by the U.S auto industry’s rebound triggered by dramatic innovation and world class products. 

As strategic Orlando Human Resources business consultants, we  continue to see encouraging signs on the horizon.  That’s why we work to harder than ever with our clients to prepare them to seize the next opportunity around the corner.  Training the management team on topical workplace  legal compliance issues, updating the performance management system, designing the recruitment strategy to find the best talent and updating the employee handbook are all key components to elevate organizational readiness to get to the next level.

Hello 2011. Come on in!

Keep your eye on the ball.  Let’s win!

Rick and Christina

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