Dust off the Orlando Employee Handbook!

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No better way to get 2011 off to a good start than by taking a hard look at the Orlando Employee Handbook!

As strategic Orlando Human Resources business consultants, we’ve seen way too many companies recently run into the employment ditch by having outdated language, omitted subject matter or poorly stated policies. Just remember–the Orlando Employee Handbook can be the company’s best friend or worst enemy when crunch time hits a sensitive employment issue.

So take this opportunity to dust off your handbook and give it a good scrub. Make sure the language is clear and topics current. Make sure employees know where to go for assistance and who in the company is tasked to resolve their issues. Make sure the review check list addresses the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act with amemdments and other key statutes that often trap employers due to lack of understanding.

As Orlando HR consultants we urge your company to be highly proactive regarding the Orlando Employee Handbook. It’s your time, your money and your company.  The very least you can do is protect it with a current employee handbook. If you need some assistance on this, we can help. 

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