Effective Communication: Often the Missing Link

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Companies are usually pretty good at making product and getting it to market and delivering services.  This is the “business” so we’re done, right?

We say not so fast. We’ve observed many companies that leave way too much “money on the table” because too many people inside the organization are talking and too few people are listening. We believe that’s in reverse order.  Best practices organizations are listening to their employees, to their customers and to their market.  From this active listening process comes a highly effective learning process upon which intelligent business decisions can be made. Top executives know this and get out of their offices to walk the floor,  to listen to their employees and to visit with their customers to hear what they have to say.

As Orlando strategic Human Resources consultants and business advisors it’s easy for us to spot the organizations that have effective two-way communications and which do not. The guy in the mailroom can also tell you.  Want your organization to get on a winning pathway? Less talking and more listening will work wonders.


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