The James Gang: A Winning Work Team

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OK, here we are….again.

We thought we had it right when we posted our July 9, 2010 Blog stating why we believed LeBron James was headed to Miami:  “People want to win at work, whether on the assembly line floor or on the basketball court.”  Like him or not,  Mr. James and Co. have put on a blistering display of high octane teamwork to power their way to the NBA finals.

So give the man credit when he stated he was going to Miami because it was going “to give me the best opportunity to win.” Sure there are other elements like solid coaching, great teammates and a well thought out game plan. But at the end of the day, great players from the basketball court to the boardroom talk about the inspiring culture of winning.

As Orlando Human Resources consultants and business advisers, we often see companies who have for far too long have settled on second and third place finishes. That’s not winning, that’s treading water in Cleveland.  Yes, there are ways to get out of that box. Good leadership understands that because winning offers unlimited possibilities for everyone on the team.


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