So long, Steve!

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Innovator, inventor, visionary, marketer, genius….

Of course we all know Steve Jobs was all of the above, and more.  He changed our world and made it better.  He was known as a tough leader who did not suffer fools.  He saw things that no one else could see and invented things that no one else could invent.  As the sports saying goes, Steve Jobs knew where the hockey puck was going before it had arrived.

How do such people do what they do?  Who can really understand the musical genius of John Lennon or the political genius of George Washington or the literary genius of William Shakespeare?  What makes these people “tick?” Just how do such minds  hear what others cannot hear, lead where others dare not go, write what has not been written before?  We will leave these questions to the historians and the phychologists to ponder.

For us, thank you for making our lives a lot easier and a lot more fun!

So long, Steve!  Thanks for a wonderful legacy!


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