Check Employee Handbook for Anti-Bullying Policy

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It’s time to dust off the Employee Handbook to make sure you have language on an “Anti-Bullying” policy in the workplace. As yet, the EEOC and the Florida Commission on Human Relations do not have jurisdiction on workplace bullying claims unless they are tied to activities such as unlawful harassment based upon age, gender, national origin or other “protected classes.”  However, these and other governmental agencies are concerned with the number of reports on bullying, whether in the workplace or on the school yard.

We recommend HR managers take time to review their Employee Handbook to ensure it carries a strong anti-bullying policy in the workplace. It’s time to be proactive. There’s no place for such conduct in the workplace.  

As strategic Orlando Human Resources consultants and business advisors,  we recommend an annual review of all workplace policies to ensure a safe and productive work environment for all employees.


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