Mr. Tebow gets a Win

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We don’t do NFL football here, but we couldn’t help but note Tim Tebow’s first start and first win as QB for the Denver Broncos in today’s win over the Miami Dolphins. 

We had heard all the hand wringing from the talking heads….Tebow can’t throw, Tebow can’t set up in the pocket, Tebow looks for the run as first option, Tebow can’t read NFL defenses, yakety-yack!  Reminds me of the experts who said a young fighter by the name of Cassius Clay would never amount to a hill of beans because he kept his hands too low.

As strategic Orlando, Florida, Human Resources consultants and business advisors we see a strong correlation between the working world that most of us experience and the sporting world of exceptional athletes.

Whether in the workplace or on the playing field, the guys on the bench just want a chance to show what they can do. No one likes to sit out the game. People just want an opportunity to get in the game and to play. Good leaders, good coaches know this.

So good for Mr. Tebow! He got to start and he made the most of it. It’s just one game, but the fans in Denver know what the fans in Gainesville know–winning surely beats the alternative. Nice job, Gator!


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