The Winning Mr. Tebow

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Well, well, well….

So here we go again. As we said earlier in the season after Denver QB Tim Tebow’s first win, we are not a sports site and we do not pretend to be one.

Yet, we admit we are captivated by the moment after Mr. Tebow took the Broncos to their fifth straight win in today’s 35-32 win over the Minnesota Vikings. 

You remember Tim Tebow–the guy the big time sports “experts” said was too much a runner, too poor a passer to make it in the pros.  The guy who was too “one-dimensional,” who couldn’t stay in the pocket and looked at the run as his first option. Remember him?

Well, the sports bars are having stong business tonight in Gainesville celebrating the latest victory lap of their beloved Gator.

As Orlando, Florida Human Resources consultants and business advisors, we know nothing feels better than winning, whether on the football field or on the factory floor.  And, look around. Most likely there is some guy on the bench who’s itching to get in the game.  Good business leaders, like good coaches, recognize talent. Isn’t it time your Tim Tebows got to play? Start the clock and give them the ball!


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