Early New Year’s Resolution: 2012 HR Audit

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As 2011 winds down, we highly recommend starting January 2012 with a Human Resources Audit. 

The Audit is a great opportunity to take stock of what’s working, what needs some fine-tuning and what’s missing.  The  Audit process will put disciplined focus on all aspects of the “people side” of the business as the check list is reviewed.  The final “report card” may be great, or not but the process is a healthy exercise for any business keen on organizational improvement  and better bottom line results.

As strategic Orlando, Florida Human Resources consultants and business advisors, we highly recommend businesses undertake the HR Audit at least once every 18 months, preferably annually. There are just too many rough patches out there these days in the employment world to not engage in this self-discovery process. The “low hanging fruit” can be quickly harvested.  The longer term fixes can be put onto an action plan.  Overall, the HR Audit will provide much smoother sailing ahead.


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