Who’s your Gatorman?

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We have commented upon Mr. Tebow’s work ethic and leadership qualities in earlier Blog postings, but Sunday’s Wild Card playoff win over Pittsburgh was more than great football. 

Here’s a guy passed up by other NFL teams, who sat on the bench his first season. And the Denver front office seemed unable to make up its mind–play him and delight the fans, or go with the conventional wisdom that the former Gator standout was not NFL QB material.

You don’t need to bleed orange and blue (as a Cal grad my colors don’t match), to be thrilled at how this is playing out….He worked hard, and made the most of the opportunity when his number was finally called.

As strategic Orlando, Florida Human Resources consultants and business advisors, we know there is a lesson here that reasonates far beyond Mile High Stadium into every school, factory and business.

There’s talent out there that just needs a chance to get into the game. Who’s your Gatorman? Play him (or her). It just might make all the difference.



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