Florida Futures: Dusting off the Resume

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OK….The job market is not great, but it’s better now than it has been during the past few years.  Layoffs in the public sector are being overcome by hiring in the private sector with net month-to-month gains.

As strategic Orlando Florida Human Resources consultants and business advisors, here’s our take: 1. Employees, dust off your resume and give it a fresh look. Highlight your “core competencies,” meaning the things you do really well, like leading people, setting team goals or financial analysis.  Highlight these competencies at the top of your resume.  Be prepared for that career oppportunity that may come knocking. 2. For management, get ready for a possible exit of top talent. If you have given your top  producers reason to stay during the recent lean years, check in with them to  make sure that they are OK and willing to stay. For the companies that have taken top talent for granted because “they are lucky to have a job,” get ready for the march to the exit. These folks are looking for greener pastures….There’s a lesson in here that should be familiar by now.



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