Don’t Save this Dance for Me: Back to School on Age Discrimination

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OK….Here’s a case we can all understand per the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”):

1.  Marymount Manhatten College interviews candidates for a coreography position to teach dance.

2.  A qualified 64 year-old applies along with two other qualified applicants.

3.  After determining that the 64 year-old was the leading candidate, the college decided to expand its search and hired a less qualified 37-year 0ld declaring her to be ” at the right moment of her life for a committment to a fulltime position.”

4.  The EEOC didn’t buy it, and it has now sued the college on the grounds that it violated Title    VII of  the Civil Rights Act of 1964 due to  age, ignoring the more qualified older applicant in favor of the less qualified younger applicant.  

Anyone feel like waltzing to this tune?

As strategic Orlando, Florida, Human Resources consultants and business advisors, we  do our best to flag these issues for our clients and the business community here in Central Florida.  

Please don’t play it again, Sam.




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