Where the Boys aren’t

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Just an observation….

I have now completed teaching several SHRM prep classes for the PHR/SPHR certification exam offered through the University of Central Florida Office of Continuing Education this fall. The PHR and the SPHR certification is widely recognized as a strong professional accomplishment demonstrating mastery of valued skills and knowledge in the complex HR world in which we live.

So who’s in these classes?  Mid-career women seeking to upgrade their skills to move forward in today’s competetive world.  Out of my three classes thus far this fall, approximately 90% of the attendees are female.  This past Saturday, my class on the UCF campus had 17 bright, female HR professionals getting ready for their next career move.  No males–zero.

As strategic Orlando, Florida,  Human Resources consultants and business advisors,  we notice such things. 

The elite universities have noted recently a surge in highly qualified female applicants and a drop in highlyqualified male applicants. Is that what I’m seeing here in Central Florida regarding who is going to take the lead in the next generation of HR leadership roles?

From my recent experience, I know where the boys aren’t.


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